PicsArt_06-13-01.44.33Hi there!

Ruth Kenneth. Former kindergarten, elementary and mid-school teacher and a curriculum developer with a passion for writing for and about children.

On ‘Soar Up High’, I share tips, book resources, interviews with the professionals for the teacher or parent.

I will soon add some digital products to the blog.

Who is a curriculum designer?

A curriculum designer designs a curriculum or syllabus. I have had experience of developing English Curriculum for English Second Language Learners.

What was the procedure?

As a curriculum designer at NELTAS, I was called to focus on language skills of reading, listening, speaking and writing rather than the rote learning method. Language is best learnt with opportunities for using it.

What are your experiences as a teacher?

As a teacher, I worked with children in public schools through Akanksha and Aseema and coached children who were English Second Language Learners. Teaching them is no easy feat, but with amazing experiences and many times enlightening ones.

What are your qualifications?

With a degree in Mass Media from St. Andrew’s College, majoring in Journalism and a Masters in Linguistics from University of Mumbai, India, I have a degree in Education from St. Xavier’s Institute of Education in my kitty.

Why Soar Up High?

As parents and teachers, we have to soar up with children. We must remember that we just give them shape and enhance their inherent qualities.

On Soar Up High blog, I will share my experiences and knowledge about Parenting and teaching- believing that we can engrave young minds and create an enlightened generation.