About me

Have you felt helpless as a new parent? Have you wondered if you could go on being a strong parent and spouse? How do you as a parent draw boundaries? How do you manage healthy eating? What type of toys do you want to buy for your child? In all hullabaloo, where is me- time?

As a teacher, how do you deal with different styles of learning? Are there different styles of teaching? How do you deal with bullies in your class? What do you affirm and build confidence through your words? How do you bond with your students?

As a teacher (qualified and experienced) and as a mother, I have read, worked and learned these things and much more. Being inexperienced at first in both the fields, I finally found answers to the parenting and teaching issues that I had. I read books, sort answers from the giants of the field and tried them out in my sphere of influence. Adding to this are degrees in journalism and education.

This blog will bring tips, resources, freebies, worksheets through blog articles, interviews, guest posts and much more.

Hope you enjoy your stay here.